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Seed sharing networks still set to be illegal

November 26, 2011

We predict that the Honorable Kate Wilkinson may do a shifty over her pledge to amend the Food Bill so it doesn’t include seeds for growing under the definition “food”. For the full story, click here .


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  1. Ben salt permalink

    This is a disgusting breach of human rights, how could they possibly even think about or even entertain the idea of this in parliament and to think they’ve even gone as far as to approve it once already and kept it very quiet as well, I’m off to the garden to dig the biggest veggie patch I can. This is surely so that the big co-operate FUCKS!!!!! can reap the benefits. I’ve just come from England thinking i got away from this kind dictatership, shame on you Nz goverment I thought you were different

    • Well said Ben, well said indeed

    • Patsy Zohs permalink

      Ben, you echo my sentiment exactly. Let’s get marching on this one and stop Monsento and polution. I can’t believe the Government has kept this under wraps. What else are they up to. I thought I lived in a democracy in N>Z. Wrong!.

    • Anna B permalink

      It’s already been passed and nothing has changed as far as homegrown food is concerned-and it won’t, of course, because the bill was never about that. But conspiracy theorists will never believe this.

      • Ahh, “conspiracy theorists”. Lovely phrase, isn’t it? Neatly trips of the tongue, packed with ad hominem put-downery. It’s like… nobody should ever even consider that people might get together and plan a spot of corruption. It’s also daft considering that there is actually a crime of conspiracy, and people are regularly found guilty of it. Does that make the people in juries conspiracy theorists? Lock em up, they’re crazy!

        The reality of course is that people ARE greedy – some anyway – and politicians and business leaders especially so, being naturally self-aggrandising and in many cases hard-out narcissistic (just watch any Parliament TV debate). Folks like that use whatever means they can to gain more control and wealth, even when you’d think they’d got enough already, and that includes legislation. So, of course they conspire from time to time, and their efforts are even written into law. History has shown it to be so. And if you don’t believe it, YOU’RE crazy.

        In the case of the Food Bill, now the Food Act, it’s about conspiring to control every aspect of commercial food production and sale under the guise of Codex Alimentarius – for profit and control. And the definition of “commercial” veers a long way into what a reasonable person might consider ‘private’. So no, you now can’t barter excess food you grow in your charming little NZ community in any meaningful way (like, enough to get a regular meal and a varied diet). You’ll just have to trot off to the supermarket and buy the GMO stuff. Disagree, and you now face a $100,000 fine and two years in jail – because you’re simply not going to be part of “the club” of authorised food dealers short of fronting considerable cartel dues in the form of registration costs. The cartel analogy is sound, too: under the Act, food is now a controlled substance right up there with drugs.

        As for seeds, the Crown pulled out seeds from being defined as food in the Act, and they did so as a direct result of action by this website. Don’t worry, they’ll just pass another bill to cover those later. Sounds outlandish? Check out the EU Plant Variety Agency in Angers, France, which has been set up to control all seeds in Europe. Yeah, located appropriately… folks are pretty pissed about that over there. They got the legislation for it rammed through, it seems, because by the time everyone had translated each other’s concerns it was too late. See and (The latter is a website that deals in many “theories” that end up being true.)

        Anyway, pearls before pigs as they say. Maybe you should keep eating your GMO maize that real pigs won’t touch, and nullify your lineage. Or wake up, and wake others up. Either is good.

  2. Tim permalink

    This is all part of the Agenda 21 protocols as well as the Codex Alimentarius protocols. Look them up if you have not already done so. Apparently it is part of a silent global reduction program.

  3. WAKE UP & SMELL THE “FASCISM!!!”…Welcome to the 4thREICH….get off your collective rear-ends & confront this HEAD ON….HEIL MONSANTO!….Who do you think is at the top of ALL the huge Corporations…..THE NAZIS & their NEO-NAZI SCOIN….DO your homework…start with I.G.Farben & Fritz ter Meer( writer of codex alimentarius)……..or are you sharing your mindset with the sheep who out number you?….WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Why do we call these people ‘Honorable’ – these silly titles are designed to elevate themselves in their own minds above the masses. We should not get suckered into it, they believe they have some kind of devine right to rule and this is why we find ourselves where we are today.

  5. STRATEGY : When in doubt, vote only for Joe Publics who are worth no more than 200K, also see the pledge/questionairre below and ask your MP candidate or Assemblyman candidate, current MP or Assemblyman to sign with a cam taking down the signing in the presence of as many media reporters or people as possible

    Have they the money? They don’t need the power.
    Have they the power? They don’t need the money.
    Have BOTH money and power? Society doesn’t need them.

    Vote poor, vote liberal. No plutocrats, no oligarchs, no nepotists, no GLC types, no quangocrats, no 1%ters.

  6. Yeah true that Tim, and its a one world government conspiracy coming to all one day soon to control everyone, everywhere and anything..!!! fucking assholes..!!

    • Anna B permalink

      People have been saying that for many, many years and it hasn’t happened yet-and it never will. We all have votes, we can vote any government in or out. I find it hard to believe that whatever party is in power, they are all in on this. When will it happen ? Conspiracy theorists have been saying it ever since I can remember-and were saying many years before I was born.

  7. Thankyou for your impassioned rant! Especially your words of encouragement at the end. These are indeed interesting times we live in. This is something every kiwi shoul be up in arms about, but you see, theres this great sporting event /shoe sale on….. *sigh* Asides from head down, grow food, save seed and share, what is the next step? I feel that the path of anger and “affirmaive action” Is all the excuse needed by the state, to enable abhorent scenes like the Victorian Police assaulting people. With-out id numbers/badges co-incidentally.

  8. mike permalink

    Is this some underhanded grab by The likes of Monsanto to control NZ’S seed industry?

  9. Stuart permalink

    How do we fight this? Growing food and sharing should not be illegal! If my neighbour comes to me and asks, can I have some food? The answer will always be YES! Stick me in prison for it if you like but why should people go hungry? Having a garden is one of the ways that poor families can afford a few luxuries.

    • Fought with a Claim of Right and Hapu Authority. Get a flag as above, consult your local kaumatua for your region, he being a descendant of the signatory for his hapu (tribe) of the Treaty of Waitangi or Whakaputanga. Ask him if you can stand as Sovereign and be adopted into his tribe, then make the Claim of who you now are to the Govt, then assume Hapu Authority over the Govt on your bit of land.

      The important thing to realise is this. Making food illegal to grow and share is unlawful in Common Law and Natural Justice. Growing and sharing is how our ancestors lived. If we don’t follow their example, we will have no descendants.

      To stand or not to stand, that is the question. Consult Darwin for further info!

    • Marina permalink

      Because it’s all about control of the worlds population. Go do research on the freemasons, bildaberg, rockafella’s, H.A.R.P, blue beam project etc. Check out, check out what Stan Deyo, Steve Quail & others are saying. I post this in the hopes that people become aware of what the governments of our world are doing.

      • Population grows exponentially, and exponentials are something bankers (who run governments) know all about. Also people who run pyramid schemes – oh yeah, that’s bankers again. And Freemasons. Leveraging exponentials and setting them off against one another (compounding) give bankers wet dreams… and insane profits.

        This knowledge of exponential growth is super-relevant if one takes as a starting point that bankers are attempting depopulation. This is because it lets you work out the doubling time of a given population (like the world). The seven billion people on the planet will double at current rates (1.3%) in about 50 years. You can work out the doubling time by taking the number 70 and dividing it by the percentage growth rate. So – 14 billion on the planet in 2060. 28 billion in 2110. 56 in 2160.

        Sub-Saharan Africa has a growth rate of around 2.3%. That’s a doubling every thirty years. No wonder white people in power are getting nervous… and shipping off fertility-limiting vaccines and chemicals to chemically castrate those outta control populations.

        The average person does not understand this stuff. Bankers, the most powerful families on the planet, do. It’s how they got where they are. And there, they intend to stay. They think longer-term than most people. They think about their bloodlines. The Food Bill seems to be a part of their programme.

        Overall, their very cunning plan could go something like this…

        1. Get all the heritage and organic seed strains you can, and place them in secures Ark like the one in Svaalbard, Norway.

        2. Introduce genetically-engineered and hybrid seed that cannot reproduce naturally without your chemicals (or at all). Ensure these are taken up by incentives for a period of time until most of the world’s natural seed stocks have been lost. Like, give farmers free three-year trials so their own seed lines are lost.

        3. Patent your seeds so if your plants pollinate a farmer’s with his own seed stocks, you can claim ownership after hitching a ride on the regenerative principle (that’s exponential growth again). Then burn their fields for being thieves.

        4. Make laws like the Food Bill so that so that people can’t share seeds, which need to be shared to keep strains alive. Do this with registration (or withholding it) and with red tape. Buy up any competition. Watch heritage seed lines decay exponentially, while your GE and hybrid ones grow.

        5. Set up the world financial system so it’s based on debt, not something of substance (gold). This makes money dependent entirely on human energy output, which is entirely dependent on that other thing you control – oil.

        6. Start wars in oil-producing countries so you can sit on their oilfields. Squeeze production until the global financial system is on the edge of collapse, which you’ve also engineered via manipulating interest rates and, when required, quantitative easing (printing money). Dilute the value of the common man’s savings relative to the whole circulation through ‘easing’, making his dollar go less far.

        7. Bore the whole world with fix-it quantative easing patches for your designed-to-fail system until they’re bored of seeing that they don’t work.

        8. Start a war with Iran, closing the Straits of Hormuz, even suggest in the media in advance that Iran itself will close the Straits (just happened). Closing Straits chokes 60% of the world’s oil supply and pushes up the price of oil 500%.

        9. Then, simultaneously, refuse to print more money – no more fix-it patches – with media-spun public agreement.

        10. Watch the world financial system go into freefall, watch mortgaged land go to banks that fail and are bought up by your own banks. Watch the people without land trying to grow food with the seeds they’ve been left with – and fail. Watch them starve.

        11. When a bunch of people have starved – like 6.5 billion – go and crack open your seed vault, plant your crops and live like kings for the next 13,500 years.

        That is about the size of it. How do we know? We’re psychic! Actually seriously, if you understand exponentials you can see how they’re being used in banking, GE, commerce, population control. You can also read the minds of the dirty little murderous bastards who are abusing this knowledge… for which they will pay, in this life or the next.

        Interesting final point: late 1960s, global population growth was 2%. Forty years later, it’s 1.3%. What changed? Fertility rates for one. Why? Vaccines? BPA in plastics? But it’s not enough. There are waaayyy to many people on the cards for 200 years’s time. Maybe too many already. A storm is a-brewing…

        PS: . Note that knowledge of doubling time dates back to Babylonian BANKERS – for this age, at least.

  10. Debra permalink

    As a New Zealander whose forbears came to NZ in 1895, I hereby proclaim this act illegal.
    In the name of GOD, and by the authority invested in me, I charge that any attempt to harm Humanity at this time, will be met with Karma on a grande scale.
    Too many people are now aware of the united nations etc, agenda for genocide.
    They had better start to understand that they are being watched, as are their minions.
    Its not just the whole world watching…its the entire Universe!.
    Humanity is about to evolve, and they want to deny us this, and would rather see our Earth destroyed. They want to be the only ones to have real seeds!
    What are you going to do about it, humanity?

  11. N Z is relatively small in size…so is your govn’t…..The assholes that voted this in; should be tossed out!!!..GET RID OF THEM-VOTE THEM OUT!!! &. put them all into into 3 hole- public stocks… & bushels of over ripe tomatoes supplied to the locals to express their solidarity & disgust …Then disqualify their pensions & force them to eat the”frankenfood” they expect us all to eat; while they sit in prison for aiding & abetting genocide…WAKE UP …IT’S THIS SERIOUS!!! These spineless sycophants think that by “hob-nobbing” with the rich & powerful that they are somehow… all above us. Little do they know, that they will get tossed into ignominy like the rest of us. The Zionists want your land & Aus. for the New World Order Headquarters….Mark my words!

    • “The Zionists want your land & Aus. for the New World Order Headquarters….Mark my words!”
      Yup. NZ is the first country to get the light/”charge” any day of the year, like in the morning… and the vibe here carries through to Aus as they wake up, via media and other hidden networks.

      The Illuminati are utterly frothing at the chance to control minds here, so they can set a tone for the rest of the world.

      They’re gonna fail though. This country is too old, there is too much knowledge buried in the land, and all of what’s happening now, and the eventual outcome, is foretold, because it’s happened before. A very specific architecture is being adhered to, where one is either on the wagon or off it. Not known by many living Illuminati now, but certainly known by their past masters, to whom they are subject. Known also to our tohunga.

      Kia ora!

      • Kia Ora…I live in the Great Bear Rainforest on the west coast of British Columbia Canada in a little fishing village of Prince Rupert where I live among the first nations tribes that were treated as badly as the the last two centuries…Wanted to warn “ALL” about what is going down with this multi-pronged attack on the 99% by the same devils of the 1% via the Satanic blood-sacrificers hidden in the shadows behind their Illuminati puppets…

        For the Wahine Tohunga…go to google “Metahistory”.com …Dr John Lash…decipher of ancient cuneiform texts discovered in Iraq 1945…history “before” thelr religion of Christianity bycontrol-freak archons & before Babylon….this patriarchy sought to suppress the feminine ie: Gaia/Mother Earth as a living breathing organism unto herself…born in the middle of our galaxy such a long time ago…that knowledge is returning to the shaman inside the “light warriors” of which you speak…we are One……conquer their fear!

  12. Donna Adams permalink

    We as citizens of nz,,do not agree with the Food Bill 160-2…..

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