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Food Bill: Anti-Propaganda Action

January 15, 2012 the NZ Govt is firing off press releases like crazy about the Food Bill, saying it’s all OK. Below is a post from a confirmed establishment insider who says it is NOT OK. We know who he is, and he checks out.

This is an important perspective from someone who understands the issue. If you wish to see some balance in the mainstream media to counter the propaganda, please SHARE this post.

Then, copy and send the entire text of this entry to the media list provided. The intention is to flood their inboxes, and help them get some perspective also.

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goldenagebeyond on 2012/01/14 at 3:26 am, commenting on Food, illegal? Not in my back yard.

I have just spent 3 hours reviewing (or attempting to review) NZ Government Food Bill 160-2 as well as a good selection of the comments made by the select committee.

Just to add some perspective, I have a PhD in population ecology (U of California at Santa Barbara), I have spent most of my working life as an Environmental Analyst including 15 years as a Programme Specialist and finally as a Director with UNESCO.

In all my years working with the highest International policy levels dealing with environmental management relating to Human System I have never encountered any regulatory document anywhere that even vaguely approaches the detail present in this document. The time taken to draft this cunningly contrived control mechanism would run into hundreds of thousands of person-hours. The cost of drafting anything like this complex control mechanism would be VAST, probably running into the millions of dollars. The scope of the document is absolutely incredible. It allows for the state to absolutely deploy its full capacity to control even the minutest levels of food and food-related components. If desired, this could even include a food-plan to cover what one might feed a dinner guest along with the associated proscriptions and punishments that might be involved in case of deviations therefrom. I say “allows” because everything and almost any related thing can be “allowed” by the Minister (or not), in addition to the thousands of specific conditions cited.

This is a comprehensive control-mechanism pure and simple. Its political purpose is clear: the source of funding to support drafting the template for this item are quite clear and many people have already alluded to this in the comment-stream above. What kinds of free-trade agreements do you think will develop with this sort of thing as the back-stop? True, it allows for rules and procedures to be formulated to help ensure that the food one buys is “safe” but that is not the primary intent of Bill 160-2 at all. Nothing other than the full and explicit control of society is intended through so called “food management”. Food (energy) is the fundamental ecological choke-point that governs all living systems….. Think about it folks.

NZ Food Security: for “source of funding etc” as above see Codex Alimentarius on youtube etc and at Also research the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.

Finally, we will say this: this man is brave. We thank him.

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  1. Good afternoon,
    I’m a reporter with Campbell Live – you will be aware that last year we did a story on the Food Bill. I want to provide further balance to the debate and would be very interested in speaking with you for a follow-up piece on this issue. Feel free to contact me on the email address provided if you wish to discuss further.
    Lachlan Forsyth

  2. Greg permalink

    Some of these email addresses dont work and come back with delivery status failure notifications. Some of these news sites you need to visit and they have there own little communication boxes that will fire off mails to their site, but there’s one mail address that will work for the whole of Fairfax media which is

  3. Cameron permalink

    You’re kidding me right? This sounds like one of those chain emails that says that doing something is bad cause some mysterious specialist said so. “Trust me, cause I’ve got all this experience and skills, I know what I’m talking about!” Uh, where’s the evidence that the person even exists?

    & for some “insider” they sure give away enough expert info that any other “insider” would know who it is.

    I for one am calling bullshit on this. Bullshit to the author being real, and bullshit to the hype around how bad the bill is. Since when is cooking someone dinner trading in food?

    • We checked the fella out (it’s a he) and he is the real deal. You could too… you have the internet. He’s got he cred and is awake, too, which is surprising, ‘cos he’s not young. Oh yeah… and feed people more than 20 times a year, especially if there is reciprocity (they bring wine!) and you’re a food business. Bullshit is the word. Unenforceable. A distraction.

      The key thing is seeds, as we’ve said many times. The bill bans the sharing of seeds as it stands, and Kate Wilkinson confirmed this (amazingly), she promised to amend it, but she has not it and will not. Why? She has bigger people than her telling her what to do. Like Helen Clark over at the UN, who is told what to do by those dudes at their former slaughterhouse headquarters who are told what to do by the creditors for Her Majesty the Queen in Right of New Zealand, the corp registered with the Washington Securities and Exchange Commission.

      The Food Bill is NZ’s Codex Bill, NZ’s mechanism for enforcing Codex compliance upon all food and seed growers of any size. Codex is a UN and FAO deal that’s been running since 1964. It’s intergenerational… and if anyone thinks the 394 pages of the Food Bill is a lot to digest, try wading through Codex. Actually, don’t. Go on youtube and watch some videos of folks who are kind enough to have done it for you 😉

  4. Sacha williams permalink

    That is just bullshit… Tha government needs a bullet even better stripped of their thrones and made to walk in a lower class mans shoes..

    • Hi Sacha… bullet… well… the govt structures are pretty good. But they should be “lowered”. Parliament should be a lower house under the constitutional structure of this country. Go into any Court and you’ll see a shield with Britannia on one side, a Maori on the other and a Crown over the top. A partnership. Shared sovereignty. Maori have right of veto under the treaty (the indigenous, lawful version) and Declaration. The rangatira from the different rohe, old men, wise men, need to be in an Upper House that can veto Lower House legislation like the Food Bill. Otherwise Parliament runs away with itself, as is quite apparent…

  5. Alexei Fuckin Rendell permalink

    there is no way these facist pricks can enforce a ridiculous law like this. the people of newzealand need to stand up against the government and take serious action befor we have little to zero rights left

    • Hi Alexei, and thanks for your post. You’re right, there is no way they can stop people growing and sharing food, especially if (when) the fractional reserve banking system is collapsed.

      What they CAN do as the bill stands is shut down heritage seed networks so we’re beholden to seed companies like Kings and dare, we say it, Monsanto (which means “my saint”. Some saint). Which, when the money doesn’t work any more will be a BIG problem. Meantime the seeds we could use and save for next year will be gone.

      These dudes know the tree of life. They just using it for ill. We know it too, that’s how this info on this site got seeded and spread… grown. But we want to use it for good.

      Course in the end they’re the same… two sides of one coin. Evolution… what we’re becoming aware of is there are going to be big changes. The dudes putting this legislation forward, and they are the masters of the highest lodges… they are doing it to get a reaction, so the awake ones take notice and do something. So their awake kids father another generation. We thank them… Evolution 😉

  6. Ann-Marie Hunter permalink

    I also had difficulty using some of these addresses – I think, because I have a Mac and the addresses need to be divided by commas, not semi-colons. The first section of addresses works because commas are used. If someone who has access to changing this article could make those changes and add a separate list for Mac users, using commas rather than semi-colons, that would help a lot of people! I did it myself for the second set of addresses, and then ran out of energy! I think I’ll try the suggestion of sending it to: I hope that EVERYONE takes the time to write and to share this information with everyone they know. I’m from Canada and I’m concerned! This train of events is not just serious for New Zealand; it affects the whole world.

  7. Lttl Paisly permalink

    To add credibility to this piece, the source needs to be verified.
    Like admin says, it’s not that hard to google…

  8. I have rather easily found out who the poster is, his full name address and telephone number. Scarily how easy the internet makes this. i cant comment on his creds, but he is a real live and concerned person – like we ALL should be.

    Seed saving is a key issue here – we must support and protect the structures (be they commercial like Koanga and kings) or community like a group setting up to specifically pool and gather seeds due to this bill.

    How can we do this, while ensuring that the powers that be know and know that if they try to stop it such a huge noise will be made that they dont dare?

    This Bill and the back door deals for the TPPA that WILL allow GM crops, produce, animals, trees into NZ are this countries greatest issues, even greater than the anti-nukes of the early 80’s.

    We are going to have to get the streets filled with noisy, angry people if change is to happen. Internet petitions wont cut the mustard.

    Subversion on a massive scale will be needed if the bills are passed, we cannot just roll over and let this go through.

    • You should be a journalist!

      • You should be a journalist! – haha yes, would love to be far more active in these issues. Ill have a lot more time in a few weeks when I quit the 7-5 job, sell the house, go live on an island and get out of this ‘society’* as much as I can.

        * society:
        a highly structured system of human organization for large-scale community living that normally furnishes protection, continuity, security, and a national identity for its members (

        not the use of ‘normally furnishes protection’ – I think this definition is a changin’

  9. mike permalink

    same thing in canada (bill c55) was tried gary goodyear Mpp of cambridge ontario was sponsor of the bill
    find out who sponsors it and go after them directly by voting them out obviously they are the corrupt influence go into their ridings and their voting base
    i am sure this will help change their minds

  10. Carol Starkey permalink

    the information I just received via an email thoroughly disgusted me,the fact that a Government would even consider drafting this type of bill is proof of Pharmacuetical Companies pushing their monopoly of poisons (Drugs) on to us. As both humans and individuals we have the divine right to have ” Natures produce “, Both Herbal and Vitamins available to us. It is our VERY own choice to have these products freely available. The only reason the Government is pushing for this bill, is that the “BIg Pharmaceutical companies wont make money out of ” Natual Remedies” Is this what we as mum’s dad’s want for our families,DRUGGED UP TOXIC, CANCER CAUSING PILLS. LET NATURE DO IT’S JOB, AND WITH ASSISTANCE FROM THESE TIME PROVEN HERBAL REMEDIES THAT DATE BACK CENTURIES…………………….

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