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Use the the Natural Health Products Bill to counter the Food Bill

February 6, 2012

Share widely – urgent – make this go viral please

Make an all-rights-reserved “Submission” on the Natural Health Products Bill, the Food Bill’s essential Codex Alimentarius counterpart, to attack the Food Bill and Codex Alimentarius by proxy and to oppose the NHP Bill itself (it sucks completely anyway, as you will discover).

The closing date for submissions is 24 February 2012.

This page shows you how to do this, why, and provides a suggested template at bottom for the text of your “submission” / notification, which you can post online to the Select Committee. The process takes no more than a few minutes. The Government has refused to reopen submissions on the Food Bill. Use this process to have your say about the Food Bill, the NHP Bill and above all, about Codex Alimentarius – and to give notice that you retain all your rights at the same time.

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Kill the Natural Health Products Bill, kill the Food Bill.

The Food Bill is one leg of New Zealand’s compliance with Codex Alimentarius, the “Food Book” set of international food regulations being forced upon all World Trade Organisation states. The Natural Health Products Bill is the other leg.

Both legs will kick New Zealanders in the guts by benefiting international trade and multinational agribusiness / pharmaceutical corporations at the expense of our own food and health rights. That is what Codex Alimentarius is all about.

However, if the Natural Health Products Bill can be killed using the Select Committee process, combined with public outrage, then the Food Bill could be repealed without loss to the country in trade terms.

This is because killing the NHP Bill would void New Zealand’s Codex Alimentarius compliance. Codex compliance is NOT in your interests, be sure of that. And with NZ’s Codex compliance voided, there is no reason for the Food Bill to exist at all.

The idea is to cut off one leg and the body will fall over, taking the other leg with it. Will it work? There is only one way to find out.

You’ll want to oppose the Natural Health Products Bill in any case. It is outrageous – and, luckily, very easy to read. Let’s try to bring it down.

What’s wrong with the NHP Bill itself?

It makes it illegal without a licence to prepare, share or administer anything (that isn’t presented as “food”) that’s made from plants, vitamins, minerals or anything else natural and may have any of the following material health benefits:-

The maintenance or promotion of health or wellness; nutritional support; vitamin or mineral supplementation; affecting or maintaining the structure or function of the body; effective treatment of any self-diagnosed or self-managed condition.

Now, go back and read that again!

You’ll be liable for a $50,000 fine for doing any of the above, even for yourself. No more home-grown camomile tea to make you sleep better. No more practising of traditional Maori medicine without a government ticket, which can be denied or revoked. No more home-made manuka oil to put on your cuts. No more using your granny’s remedies from the herb garden. None of this without permission, fees and rules, or you face massive fines and possibly jail. Sound familiar?

Now, you may not actually do these things. But you may wish to retain the right to do so. You may also wish to use any of these products or services in future. But under the NHP Bill they will be more expensive and much harder to find, because most practitioners / producers will be regulated and compliance-costed out of existence.

Don’t take our word for all this. Read the bill. It’s very easy to read, unlike the Food Bill, and easy to see the intent. It is the same intent as the Food Bill. The government wishes to own what goes into you (and thus own you). They say it is all for your safety, of course. Do you still believe that?

Take note: The Natural Health Products Bill was, like the Food Bill, passed at a first reading UNAMINOUSLY. EVERY MP voted for it. And the bill itself was a proud product of cooperation between the Green Party and National.

Are you getting wise to the Green Party yet? And are you getting wise to Parliament itself?

The NHP bill is here:

In reading the NHP Bill, pay close attention to sections 5 (definitions), 6 (what is a natural health product), 20 and 21 (powers of the new health police) 28, 29 and 30 (requirements for licensing) 37 and 38 (penalties), 45 (delegation of powers to corporations), 47 (regulations applying to licensed practitioners – these will be CODEX regulations) and LAST BUT VERY IMPORTANT the Schedule of “Suitable classes of substances”… this is basically everything you ingest that is not food (which is already covered by the Food Bill) – so plants, extracts thereof, minerals, vitamins, amino acids etc that are taken to promote wellbeing. The stuff that, along with food itself, is essential for your life.

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Making a “submission” on the Natural Health Products Bill.

We don’t recommend that you “submit” your say, in a sense of law, on this Bill. “Submitting” means “bowing down” and giving up all the rights you presumably wish to retain. You need to reserve all your rights. This can all be made clear in the “submission” process.

Numbers are important here. We need to flood the Select Committee with responses voicing disapproval of the Natural Health Products Bill and Codex Alimentarius, and by extension the Food Bill. This might just kill the Food Bill by proxy, by killing its Codex counterpart and stopping Codex from being implemented.

So please SHARE this info widely, and fast. The deadline is Friday, 24 February 2012. Please especially get this into health food groups etc on Facebook and beyond.

What to write

If you’re outraged, express it. At the bottom of what you write, write All Rights Reserved.

We’d suggest that the main thing to get across is opposition to Codex Alimentarius being imposed upon New Zealanders through the Natural Health Products Bill and the Food Bill. Codex does not serve people, it serves corporations.

Keep a copy of what you write. But please do write something. This needs many people to make it work. New Zealand is sleepwalking towards a corporate police state.

If you wish, you can also choose to talk / shout about your concerns at an actual Select Committee hearing. We think this would be a very good idea.

Finally if you really want to make the Select Committee sit up, send the suggested text below or some variation thereof and put its members on their Oaths of Office. If they screw up, they are out of Office, or worse.

Make your “submission” on the Natural Health Products Bill here, by scrolling to the bottom of the page:

[Note: If the link is changed (not unlikely) then you should still be able to navigate to the NHP Bill submissions page by following this path: Home ( > Parliamentary business > Select committees > Make a submission. The “Make a submission” page is currently at Get to the NHP Bill submission page itself by choosing Health Committee from the drop-down list of Select Committees, then hit go. Scroll to the bottom of the page that comes up to enter the captcha code and make the “submission”.]

Suggested text:


To the Select Committee for the Natural Health Products Bill

1 TAKE NOTICE that those Members of Parliament on the Select Committee have sworn to serve the Queen according to Law, and the Natural Health Products Bill appears to be unlawful serving as it does foreign interests and not the interests of the country of New Zealand, this because it has been introduced into New Zealand together with the Food Bill as part of this country’s compliance with CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, a World Trade Organisation directive that supports international trade agreements at the expense of the natural God-given rights of the people of this land to feed themselves and treat their own ailments themselves in any way they best see fit.

2 TAKE NOTICE that I have not seen any evidence that CODEX ALIMENTARIUS serves the people of this land and I believe that no such evidence exists.

3 TAKE NOTICE that I have not seen any evidence that the Natural Health Products Bill serves the people of this land and I believe that no such evidence exists.

4 TAKE NOTICE that I have not seen any evidence that the Natural Health Products Bill together with the Food Bill representing as they do this country’s efforts to meet the World Trade Organisation’s CODEX ALIMENTARIUS guidelines serves the people of this land and I believe that no such evidence exists.

5 TAKE NOTICE that I have not seen any evidence that the Natural Health Products Bill together with the Food Bill and New Zealand’s efforts to implement the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS guidelines is not in essence treasonous and a breach of te Tiriti o Waitangi on the issue of taonga or treasures at the very least and I believe that no such evidence exists.

5 TAKE NOTICE that it is my belief that the Select Committee members should provide evidence in their findings and recommendations to Parliament that my concerns at paragraphs 2, 3, 4 and 5 above are completely unfounded, with the same to be provided upon their respective Oaths of Office, before they individually or collectively make any implicit or explicit recommendation by act or omission that the Natural Health Products Bill should in any way whatsoever be moved to a second reading in Parliament.

[6, 7 etc… My other concerns about the Natural Health Products Bill are… delete this or add in as appropriate, removing the square brackets and writing to a MAXIMUM TOTAL OF 4000 CHARACTERS. You have about 1500 characters left.]

Yours truly

[Given name], [middle name] of the family [family name]

A man/woman [delete as appropriate]. In plain English. This is a submission made only in the common usage sense of information being transferred over the internet. All rights reserved.

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  1. Tom permalink

    I have just been phoned by Tina Marie from the select commitee, she wants me to phone her back. Anyone know why this is happening. I did say i didn’t want to make a personal submission.

    • Please have her phone me at 15035164746 – A founder of Nature Theraptuetics and Kratom Therapy. We would love to speak with her!

  2. Hoagy permalink

    The Natural Health Products Bill at work.

    Europe has been kind enough to give us a working model of Codex Alimentarius in action under its European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

    Some quotes from an interview at

    Sultan: The fact that silver was not on the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) list of approved minerals in food supplements was known by only a few well initiated manufacturers. Most didn’t even know what was happening, and apparently some still don’t.

    Barwick: Tell me more about this EFSA list.

    Sultan: The EFSA has a list of approved food supplement ingredients, called the Positive List, and a list of unapproved food supplement ingredients. Colloidal silver was on the unapproved list, which is the list of food supplement ingredients that can no longer be legally sold in the EU as of January 1, 2010.

    Any ingredient on that list was required to submit detailed and costly scientific and medical studies in order to be moved to the Positive List. Most colloidal silver manufacturers simply missed it. The lists were not that well publicized.

    Barwick: Didn’t some colloidal silver manufacturers know about it, and if so, why didn’t they submit studies in support of their colloidal silver product?

    Sultan: Yes, of course. Some knew about it. Many of these manufacturers simply couldn’t afford to do the safety, efficacy and bioavailability studies, which can cost in the range of $120,000 apiece.

    Others, including big colloidal silver companies like Natural-Immunogenics, say they couldn’t get any cooperation from the EFSA. They couldn’t get the EFSA to provide the study protocols.

    In short, it appears to me, and to other observers, that the EFSA had set out to make it extremely hard to get silver approved. The EFSA had already indicated that, because of undefined “safety issues” they would not automatically approve a nano-particle based colloidal silver product even if it were able to submit good bioavailability data.
    Big Pharma has obviously been successful this round and they have been at it for a while now. The European Food Supplement Directive, FSD 2002/46/EC, is nothing but a Big Pharma job which effectively limits the consumer’s access to nutrients in the form of minerals and vitamins.

    This directive serves as a model for the WHO Codex Alimentarius that, through the process of “harmonization” of food supplement laws, will soon be forced onto US consumers, whether they want it or not.

    Note that besides silver, other important minerals such as vanadium and the macro-mineral sulfur were also on the unapproved list, and have been banned along with a hundred or so other nutritional supplement ingredients.
    Barwick: And these aren’t just obscure minerals and vitamins that have been banned, right?

    Sultan: Not at all. For example, as I mentioned, the macro mineral sulfur is on the banned list. The fact that the macro mineral sulfur is now illegal to sell is incomprehensible!

    A lesser known trace element may be easy for an authority to state that it is not used in the body — just like they play the game with silver by claiming it’s not an essential nutrient. But to ban a macro mineral is just plain criminal and would be like banning calcium or magnesium.

    Sulfur is an essential macro mineral used for such various tasks as creating and maintaining skin, nails, hair, bone, muscles etc and is involved in the disulfide bonds that create 3D-structure in the molecules. Without sulfur you would most likely be spending your days as a 2-dimensional creature flat on the floor!

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  4. Ive had (an admittedly quick) read of the NHP bill and have some questions for those who may be able to read legalese more fluently than me.

    Food in the act is defined (Part 1 Section 5 Interpretation:)
    food means anything that is used or represented for use as food or drink for human beings; and includes—

    * (a) any ingredient or nutrient or other constituent of any food or drink, whether that ingredient or nutrient or other constituent is consumed or represented for consumption by human beings by itself or when used in the preparation of or mixed with or added to any food or drink; and

    * (b) anything that is or is intended to be mixed with or added to any food or drink; and

    * (c) chewing gum, and any ingredient of chewing gum, and anything that is or is intended to be mixed with or added to chewing gum

    A natural health product is defined (Part 1 Section 6 Definition of natural health product):
    (1) (d) that is not—

    * (i) a food;

    So if ‘we’ or ‘them’ state that a ‘natural health product’ is a food the does this bill cover it? And therefore be covered by its big brother the food bill?

    Also, in
    Part 2 Regulation of natural health products,
    Section (13) Product notification of natural health products required before distribution
    6) This section does not apply to—

    * (a) any natural health product that is made by a practitioner to be administered to a particular person after being requested by or on behalf of that person to use the practitioner’s own judgement as to the treatment required;

    No defintion in the Act of what a practitioner is.
    So could I state that I am a practitioner and on behalf of a person (anyone who wants my ‘products’ would obviously be requesting them from me), be excluded from having to get notification for anything I prepare?

    • hi SW. you say there’s “No defintion in the Act of what a practitioner is.”
      Exactly. Be prepared for a bill and / or a set of regulations for “natural health practitioners” and their registration requirements, which will be Codex Alimenatarius requirements / regulations.
      There have long been calls in the technocratic / medical establishment / big pharma cartel for natural health practitioners to be registered and regulated, so you can bet that they will be when this bill is passed – which, like the Food Bill, it will be. This may sound pessimistic but it simply points to the reality that “our” politicians do not work for us. Parliament is a front. Most people would never believe this because they’re programmed by the TV, and the idea is 180 degrees opposed to what seems sane. However one only has to read the oath all parliamentarians swear in order to see that this is true. They serve “The Queen”. And “The Queen” is not what or rather who everyone thinks it is either (it’s Her majesty the Queen in Right of New Zealand, AKA “The Crown” and a corporation registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington… “securities” as in liens or mortgages, “exchange” as in trading them. Our MPs serve a corporation that is in debt to bankers with liens on it, and those bankers are all John Key’s mates and former bosses. That’s the short version).
      Sadly, the natural health industry will probably go along with this bill as it will, like the medical industry, give it protected cartel status by allowing only their members to practice. This will be at the expense and freedom of normal people to make and share natural remedies. What the natural health industry doesn’t realise is that the efficacy of the industry as a whole though will be very severely curtailed… but again, this will be to the benefit of the bigger players, who only care about $$$ in the end in the end (this because they are corporations and their number one rule is to make money for shareholders – everything else comes after).
      In the end in fact all of this boils down to what “commerce” is, and who controls it. if you are interested, you could google / youtube “The occult world of commerce” and find out some interesting new perspectives on commerce and how it is effectively worshipped as a cult, as it has been historically for many thousands of years. The entire operating system for commerce is controlled, and those who operate in it do so under rules enforced by courts which are operating in admiralty / commercial law. This is global.
      I digress a little… so finally, back to the NHP bill… and the question of who is a practitioner – well notably the inference of the bill is that “practitioners” are distinct from normal “persons”, because there are plenty of references to persons in the bill (see in the penalties sections for eg). The bill doesn’t define person either, that is defined elsewhere – law dictionaries, other bills etc. As will “practitioner”.
      Welcome to Wonderland. Word of warning – you can get lost in there. But if you know who you are already, there is no need to jump down the rabbit hole 🙂
      KIA ORA.
      PS SW you also say: “So could I state that I am a practitioner and on behalf of a person (anyone who wants my ‘products’ would obviously be requesting them from me), be excluded from having to get notification for anything I prepare?”
      And yes of course you could, obviously, until someone says you are not a practitioner. And the onus would be on you to statutorily prove you were (unless you had made a Claim of Right). This is how NHP Bill, like the Food Bill, will take inherent rights (inherited from our ancestors) and turn them into govt authorised privileges. When you get down to the bottom of it, it’s not such a bad thing in fact. The people of new Zealand are very, very asleep for the most part and legislation like this is doing a good job of waking them up. Nothing like something telling you you’re a slave to make you ask the question, “Am I?” 😉

  5. Desma Russo permalink

    All rights reserved

  6. Carolyn permalink

    This bill is ludicrous! I feel it is yet another way of taking away my basic human rights not to mention my right to Practice my cultural healing methods, which is yet another tool in the cultural genocide of my race. I am wheat intolerant and use vitamins and herbal remedies to supplement my diet and keep me well. This is something I have to live with for the rest of my life and this bill will not only make my life that little bit harder but will also make it very expensive if I have to see a doctor and get what I need prescribed.
    I am against this bill and will do anything within my power to see that it does not come into law

  7. Akim Heinicke Wangler permalink

    This bill is absolutely ridiculous. There is no reason for a decision like this whatsoever apart from large companies making even more money and the people of the land being controlled to the last move we make. Nutrients and plants are from the land and are here for everyone to use, in any way whatsoever ~ It is preposterous that having a bill as this could even come up as an idea! And this is New Zealand! Not the States! I and everyone that I have spoken to about this issue is absolutely furious and outraged. We, as New Zealanders, will not stand for this crap!

    All Rights Reserved.

  8. All rights reserved

  9. martin stewart permalink

    These bills should be stopped but govts on there own should regulate compnies and so should people i also think tattoo artists should be regulated and checked so no one gets hurt.

  10. rhea permalink

    All rights reserved.

  11. Danny McLachlan permalink

    I wish to TOTALLY and UTTERLY oppose this stupid, people controlling legislation that takes any basic rights that has been mine, and my descendants…This is MY land, MY rights, and NOT the Governments to take away from me.
    If you want to be controlled by some world authority that is controlling our Government, then just sit back and do nothing…but if you want your children and their children to have what you have had, and still do, for now, then get off your backside and sign this, or any other, partition…NOW.

  12. Willis Urquhart permalink

    Why as a country that prides itself on being clean and green should we not be allowed to use the natural produce of that country, both native and introduced? Something that has been done since the discoveries of the benefits of so many plants and naturally produced products contained within our clean green environment. Maybe all those fat cats should stop sniffing their wallets and take a walk outside amongst the Kanuka and Manuka forests and see the benefits of real life.
    And that what is naturally produced will live on far longer than their factories and sustain a better quality of life that anything they can produce.
    What a ridiculous notion to think you can or have the right to control something like this, it should be a $50,000 fine for who ever conceived such a selfish thought.

  13. we all need to believe there is is someone in control of this world.
    when you do realise there is a loving real power in control you can know then khow to bring the real loving living power against this evil, that brings dumb evil laws against us.
    God says to all those who believe ask and it shall be given to you.
    in the Bible a book most of us have not wanted to either believe or say it is not accurate etc you can read in 1 timothy chapter 2 verses 1 to 4 about what this Amighty God that some of us believe in says.
    it is He that is really in contro,l He says to get change in your government pray and ask this great God to bring truth into the heart of our government and He will do so.
    He says for this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour and He will bring all to be saved and come to know the truth,
    why then worry all of you who fret and sweat then protest, all we do then is burn ourselves ooot mon.
    Jesus said ..2000 plus years ago
    ..I AM the way the truth and the life..
    so if you have a great desire to lead a quiet and peaceable life in all goddness and honesty here is you only answer.
    then the government will be chaged enormously so.
    but…you must really believe in God.

  14. margaret permalink

    all rights reserved

  15. rebecca from sweden permalink

    seems like the link has changed.. at first i was ready to sign the petition for natural food but luckely i red on and did not, since i dont wish to enterially give up my basic human rights and what i wish and dont wish to put in my body.. it should be a basic human right.. if we cant decide for ourselves what noutriants vitamines and amino acid with wich to build and strenghten our body, then we should ask ourselves.. what rights as human beings will we ultimatelly have left?

    all rights reserved

  16. Outraged permalink

    This is preposterous. Next I will loose the right to feed my children fresh veggies.

  17. R mcconnon permalink

    Not clever … Another example of the death of common sense.

  18. I want to thank you people for the wake-up call.Keep going, we can have our say and retain our rights to choose what we want to access to achieve the vision each of us has to live our lives in a meaningful manner that honours the bounty we have been provided with to ensure our Health and Wellbeing.

    ANYTHING that grows is a part of creation and how you define whats useful and whats not is up to you, but please beware of trying to define that for another being.Essentially that is what you are doing when you pass laws or judgements that create separation and take away peoples right to easily and affordably access the type of Healthcare they choose.

    If you really have to create laws to ‘ protect the people’, then please make it illegal to sell or administer artificial / synthetic and processed ingestable substances to anyone under the age of 18, under the Food Bill, and you must have warning labels to do so regardless of age.

    Natural foods and Herbs that have been around for humans to harvest and use since time in memorial and therefore have a long history of safe use and efficacy, and do not require any more legislation, unless people are wanting to manufacture non-traditional preparations which isolate / concentrate individual components of the herb.There are already preparations such as these on the market today, but most of these are manufactured by Pharmaceutical companies anyway.

    Allopathic Drugs of course are predominately synthetic and potentially harmful and therefore dont have the long safe history of use, that natural foods and herbs do.Naturally these types of processed and synthetic substances require legislation to manufacture and prescribe.

    If any one individual or company has a history of providing Natural products or services then LEAVE THEM to get on with it!

    Focus your attention on the people / companies who are selling processed / synthetic foods and substances that do not have a long,safe history of use.

  19. Reblogged this on NZ Food Security and commented:

    >> reblogging this – 48 hours to go.

  20. P.Larkin permalink

    It has been and should always be,the right of an individual to choose natural health products over drugs,if in your own interests.
    Hope the laws that goven us, see fit to let this continue. We don’t need extra laws to strip us
    of our hard earned money and rights.

  21. elan phillips permalink

    It’s our right to choose, our counrty our choice!!!

    There is a hidden agenda here to control natural products and to limit their availability for the people
    Time for a natural revolution in Health Care Laws!!

  23. guy permalink

    Well the U.S.& N.Z.& U.K. GOVT you can go and suck my scroatum got it? no one is going to tell me what i can or cannot drink or eat NO ONE ! you arnt worth the waste of paper your discusting greedy dictatorship is written on… you do not control my life and if you dont believe me just try and stop me , QC

  24. kara vandeleur permalink

    Hi, what’s the latest on the Food Bill please? I have had several people ask me as they like me, can’t find ANYTHING recent & of course, the parliamentary website is suitably vague to say the least … It seems even weirder that this issue is so quiet … please clarify. thanks.

  25. Charlie Harris permalink

    The Food Bill is on the Parliament Order Papers for today. Wednesday 9th May Last item !!

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