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Food Bill Submissions close tomorrow 16 August

August 15, 2013

*URGENT FOOD BILL NEWS* Share widely and fast – click here to make a last-minute, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED submission on the Food Bill, today or tomorrow 16 August 2013 (sample text follows):-  [Scroll to bottom of the page, enter the captcha code and click “make an online submission”.]

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We suggest that you:-

1. Notify the Select Committee that you oppose the Food Bill and MInister Nikki Kaye’s proposed amendments to it. It is still set to destroy New Zealand’s food sovereignty, by making all food trade follow as-yet-undefined international directives and regulations. Nikki Kaye’s proposed amendments in fact seem to further the destruction of that food sovereignty. These directives would come from the World Trade Organization in collusion with multinational food corporations (via Codex Alimentarius). Goodbye farmers’ markets, health food shops etc, which would be regulated and cost-complianced out of existence.

2. Reserve All Rights. Make it clear that you do not ‘submit’ to the process of enactment of the bill. Place brackets around the Header [Submission], following it up with Public Notice as below. Write All Rights Reserved on your submission. Note that passing the bill as is would seem to be a breach of the Treaty of Waitangi (the indigenous language version, which is the lawfully binding one under international law) and that Nikki Kaye’s proposed amendments would probably further breach the Treaty.

3. Keep a copy of your ‘submission’. Send us this at, with your Submission Reference Number as proof of delivery if you wish, and we can publish it.

4. Choose to speak to your submission before the Select Committee. When you speak, reserve all rights. Make sure they ‘understand’ you 🙂

Sample text for ‘Submission’

Write your own text, or feel free to copy and paste the following text into the “Compose a brief submission” field on the submissions page. If you have problems pasting into the field, like some folks, paste into a word or text doc and upload that.

Note that the suggested text below has changed, as submissions on this matter are arguably supposed to deal just with the amendments from the Supplementary Order Paper and not any other matters in relation to the Food Bill (at least, the amendments are what Parliament is supposed to consider next). So a general rant about the bill seems to be out… but don’t worry if you already did one – this is foremost about changing opinion 🙂

The submissions page itself is accessed via this link: [Scroll to bottom of the page, enter the captcha code and click “make an online submission”.]

>Suggested text starts here<

[Submission] *

Public Notice

Friday 16 August 2013

To the members of the Select Committee for the Food Bill, Supplementary Order Paper 278

All Rights Reserved

I absolutely oppose the Food Bill and SOP 278.

The bill as it stands, that is without the Supplementary Order Paper’s proposed amendments, would generally subject this country to as-yet-undefined international food directives that infringe its sovereignty.

Further, the Supplementary Order Paper’s proposed amendments would exacerbate this situation by reinforcing the international directives and also, it seems, denying remedy for the infringements of sovereignty.

As such, the Food Bill and its Supplementary Order Paper together seem to represent a potential breach of the Treaty of Waitangi (the lawful, indigenous version). This is because they would adversely affect the people of this country’s undisturbed possession of, and sovereignty over, their domestic food supply. The food supply is a taonga, a treasure necessary for life, and it is protected under the Treaty of Waitangi.

The bill as it stands, that is without the Supplementary Order Paper’s proposed amendments, already challenges this country’s sovereignty in respect of its food supply as follows:-

1: Section 346 (Regulations about standards in relation to food) proposes to subject our food to as-yet-undefined international treaties and standards (Section 346, (5) (c),(d)).

2: Section 404 (References to standard works) proposes to directly obligate the Crown, when formulating food standards and regulations, to refer to works “accepted internationally” – even if these are works in progress and are as yet undefined.

However the bill as it stands, without the Supplementary Order Paper’s proposed amendments, does also seem to provide potential remedy for breaches of the country’s sovereignty and the Treaty of Waitangi by offering, without express impediment from foreign interests, the possibility of “Exemptions by Order in Council from application of the Act generally” under section 314.

Unfortunately, the Supplementary Order Paper’s proposed amendment at Section 315 (b) (iia) seems to introduce the potential for an express impediment from foreign interests, because under this amendment the Minister would not be able to recommend Exemptions under section 314 without first taking into account “the need to give effect to New Zealand’s obligations under a relevant international agreement, convention, protocol, or treaty”.

Since the Governor-General appears to only be able to make Exemptions under Order in Council on the recommendation of the Minister, the Supplementary Order Paper’s proposed amendment at Section 315 (b) (iia) seems to deny remedy to anyone wishing to exercise the sovereignty guaranteed by the Treaty of Waitangi in respect of the undisturbed possession of their taonga that is their food supply.

Further, and unfortunately, the agreements, conventions, protocols or treaties to which the Supplementary Order Paper refers (such as Codex Alimentarius) seem to have been formulated generally to benefit international corporate interests in the pharmaceutical and agribusiness industries, and thus seem likely to cause harm to this country and its people by setting international corporate interests against the interests of the country and its people.

I put it to you, as public servants and upon your Oaths of Office, that the Food Bill and its Supplementary Order Paper hereby seem to represent a breach of the Treaty of Waitangi on the issue of sovereignty, and as such should be abandoned. I expect you to recommend this.

If you cannot, then I require you to either inform me as to why or recuse yourselves immediately from this Select Committee.

I require 10 days’ notice prior to speaking with you on this matter.


[your name]

All rights reserved

* [Submission] is for Noticing Purposes exclusively

>Suggested text ends< 

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Finally, you should be pretty annoyed if you have only just heard about submissions being open. The Green Party released the information this week on its website, and there has been no media coverage that submissions have reopened (and are about to close). The news has instead been full of the GCSB, snapper quotas and, now, proving you’re a fit parent if you wish to see your children.

This is called stage-show magic, focus relocation, schooling… and the Government has basically, cynically, won the day in keeping this news away from you, by dangling other rights-infringing proposals in front of the media.

Get your own back. Make a submission on the Food Bill reserving all rights. And please share far and wide, and fast, so others can do so too.

Thank you / tena koutou.

Right-click and open in a new window: Share on Facebook


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  1. shana permalink

    how do you leave it? the website is not clear. can you leave an online submission?

  2. Libby permalink

    It won’t let me paste into the submission box 😦

    • works for me… maybe try a different browser or ask someone else to try it for you… should be something simple 🙂
      Kia ora, and thanks!!

    • yep that seems to be happening. try pasting into a word or text doc and upload that… although it is working for us.

    • Copy and save the submission in to a word document and attach the word document as a file and send that as your submission. Don’t forget to put your name in the end as signature to the document .

  3. Linda Robinson permalink

    I couldn’t paste either, so copied into a PDF doc and uploaded.

  4. Hi there admins. Thanks for the guide. I want to make several points in a submission besides the things you mentioned – the grab for water rights is not on and the deliberate attack on organic and non-GMO producers. Can they all go in the same submission? I wonder where our government ministries like health, and food safety etc are? They either stay schtum on this bill and things like fracking, or come out pro things like fluoride. Whose side are they on?

    • None of the following is legal advice.
      You could perhaps write that the amendments in the Supplementary Order Paper do not go far enough to protect the natural genetics of our food.
      As for water, the SOP amendment at Section 12 (1)(c)(v) seems to give new and possibly unfair protections to water companies that reticulate water tainted by fluoride or fracking chemicals (or other contaminants) by excluding the reticulation of drinking water from the definition of food sale. Without this amendment water companies would have to observe the regulations of the bill, as water is food under the bill.
      You could possibly make a submission stating that this is a breach of the Treaty by not regulating the contamination of the water supply, which is a taonga. This would probably be dependent upon there being no equivalent safeguards in other legislation though.
      With regards your last question, I don’t believe they are on our side 😉

  5. Azza permalink

    Ive just done mine with copy and paste, I would like to have written my own but am at work today so no time. Thank you for makiing this available to do so though. My submission number is “Thank you for your submission (Reference number*: W510UXN)”

  6. Kia ora what is the email address to send you opposition to the foodbill?

  7. cant even copy the sub from here to paste on the parli sub page

  8. Was writing it all down and accidently wiped it although i would love to make the sub i aint a patient person

  9. could you send it to my email this sub so i can copy and paste from there because it aint happening on this page…

  10. Katie Wright permalink


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