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Don’t Vote – It Encourages Them!

September 2, 2014

Te Kara 1834







Apparently there’s a general election in New Zealand in a couple of weeks. Haven’t paid it much attention to be honest, such is the likely absurdity and irrelevance of the narcissistic bickering that has no doubt gone down.

However we thought we’d share this little nugget with you.

Whoever you vote for in Parliament, you still get Parliament. And with Parliament, you still get the Crown. And the Crown does not work for you. It works for its creditors.

So, voting? It’s called a false choice, mateys!

It doesn’t matter, you see, if the goons in the Beehive are mostly right-wing, or left wing, or somewhere in the middle. They will still, such is the nature of the Crown, hurt you – whether it’s by right-hooking you for three years, or left-hooking you, or just kicking you straight in the nuts. Alternatively, as with the unanimous passing of the Food Bill, they’ll all gang up and lay it on you at the same time.

“How is this possible?” you may cry. “How was I deceived thusly, and left with a swollen face, and such sore nuts?”

Well, it’s because the Crown is not what most people think it is (if they’ve thought about it at all). As we’ve said before, the Crown is in fact set up as a corporate vehicle for transferring the material wealth of this nation via securities – principally from the people of this country, and principally to the international banks that lend New Zealand paper or electronic money at interest.

This Crown corporation – and it is a corporation – is registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. It’s called Her Majesty the Queen in Right of New Zealand. Just go online and check it out. You’ll even find listings of its assets and liabilities, complete with its “legal” claims – all key info for corporate asset-strippers.

Not convinced? Well, think about it. We’ve had a banker Prime Minister for six years. During that time, the national debt has gone through the roof and our dear leader has been selling off the nation’s assets and mineral rights all over the place, with the justification of paying off the debts that HE hooked up for HIS international banker friends. Of course he’s sold the nation’s assets for a song, too, and probably to the same people he arranged the loans with, or to his other mates, or simply to himself.

The dude has mortgaged the country to the hilt. You’re paying for it with poverty and pollution. And it is all possible through the vehicle that is the Crown. Is this not self-evident?

Vote Labour and expect more of the same, just with a different colour. You’ll still get Her Majesty the Queen in Right of New Zealand and its vampire creditors. They’ll just be chewing on another part of you. Whichever part you choose, actually.

So what is the point of this post? It’s about Mandate. If less than half the eligible voters vote, then under the true principles of democracy the Crown does not have a mandate to rule. That’s the way we see it, anyway, because we have a brain. If more than half the eligible voters vote, then the Crown does have a mandate.

Chances are that more than half will vote (probably 52% or thereabouts) and chances are that most of those will vote for the banker – this in spite of the fact that bankers have been self-evident scum since the 2008 financial crisis, and also in spite of the fact that he’s selling off our national assets and vast chunks of conservation land for mining.

If more than half vote and he does get in, then the enormity of the ignorance of the people of this nation will have revealed itself. If more than half vote and the other fella swings it (whoever he is) then expect fun and games of a different sort. Either way, you’ll have to live with it, and you’ll have yourself and your fellow kiwis to thank.

However if 51% of eligible voters think “screw it” and go to the pub instead (assuming they can afford to) – then, and only then, will you actually have something to celebrate. Because the Emperor will be democratically revealed as having no clothes. That is, by the numbers.

Are you going to be part of that 51%? We hope so!

Remember, if you vote, you’re just voting in the Board of Directors of a company that wants your stuff, so it can give it to its creditors. Nothing more. All legislation is written with this transfer of your wealth in mind. Read it, and you’ll see. They’re called Bills, after all. Bills you pay – through fines, taxation, polluted water, even imprisonment (which contrary to popular opinion makes money for the state, through goods produced and as a hedge against people not being a compliant little tax slaves).

So, don’t vote. Don’t listen to children like Lorde either, who say you your vote counts but know nothing of the above. Just take the day off, raise a glass and proclaim the toast: “No clothes!”

Then look for the voter turnout stats, not the relative number of votes cast. Those stats will reveal the true winner.

Without a Crown mandate, what comes next would be uncertain. But we have faith that with the public a tad more educated, reason will prevail.

May the force be with you.

Please share, and consider donating.

Kia ora.



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  1. Brilliant. Wish I hadn’t voted now.

  2. temo permalink

    Theyve now made it as part of the voting system that those who dont vote their names will automatically go to the minister in power. In 2014 over half the nation didnt vote and because of it national won by a landslide even though he just about lost with legitimate votes.

  3. Come on please do you have a solution
    Not in this article & I have read it
    At least stand for something
    Absentee votes don’t count
    Get it? I don’t think you will
    My people don’t need problem focus
    We need solution focus
    There are solutions!!!
    Good luck in being teachable
    Chas Pourau

  4. I agree with Chas… not voting is foolish.

    Voting for a better alternative is the obvious thing… try Social Democrats or whatever they are called. Social Credit always had the obvious solutions even back in the 70’s, but Kiwis only seem to be able to comprehend left, right, or some other extreme, rather than finding the ‘middle ground’.

    That guy Horan is a real dude & has a great manifesto… vote for him.

    Also the Awareness Party is on right track… why not support them?

    Do you know how the two major parties have stayed in power since 1984? 40-45% of voters abstain from voting, so that automatically gives them a majority, which then goes to either Labour or National.

    If 40% voted for an ALTERNATIVE to Labour & National instead, they’d almost manage to push them back to third place!

    Now that would be clever use of our ‘democratic’ powers!!!

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