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Q&A regarding homepage post. 

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I have read the claims of right website. It sounds all very good and I agree with it. My questions are the following and I would very much appreciate your feedback:

1. If one submits this claim of right, what would be the consequences? I am currently running a wholefoods business and I see he is mentioning the undoing of his IRD number. How would this claim of right affect my abilities to operate within society and my business? I suppose I am asking because if I have an idea of potential consequences, I can gauge better when to possible submit this claim of right.

2. The website does not work at the moment. Do you know about this? is there a way to access the information in another way?

3. Can you tell me if this right of claim also applies to people who are non-residents still (i.e. temporary work visa) and to people who are residents but not citiziens of NZ?

Thank you for your help

Answer from Hi JLP. My feedback follows. Of course this isn’t legal advice as I don’t have a licence to practise law (I think I have to say that, haha ;-) So don’t read it as such…

Question 1. You need to ‘know yourself’ to do a Claim of Right. You really must do your own, know it, know your rights and be prepared to back it up. I’m not sure I agree with some stuff in his Claim of Right, but then I am not him.

I’ve done my own, based on my self and my knowledge of NZ constitutional law and especially tikanga. These things make filing a CoR in NZ much easier because you can use the Claim to take yourself out from under Government and then through another process put yourself under Hapu authority.

One thing I think that his Claim has a problem with is the reference to the Claim of Right clauses in the Crimes Act. It subjects his Claim to legislation – the Crimes Act is legislation – and then perhaps by default to Parliamentary Sovereignty, and the idea is to not be subject to that. Luckily the Claim of Right precedes the Crimes Act 1961 (which is about to be amended on the CoR ‘defence’ anyhow – due to Waihopai three’s successful use of that ‘defence’).

So to answer your question specifically, I think his claim could actually fall over, especially once the Crimes Act is amended, though you could squeak it in before the amendment. But I see no need as Claim of Right was a pre-existing concept before 1961 and anyway you have things like He Whakaputanga and Te Tiriti o Waitangi to use instead of the Crimes Act, if you can get onside with a hapu. I would recommend googling “Notice of Understanding and Intent and Claim of Right” and write one that corresponds to your beliefs and knowledge of constitutional law in this country and serve that. Use a Canadian Claim as a model. I may put my NZ Claim of Right on this site when I have time. It’s been limitedly tested with 100% success so far.

IRD number. Keep it, for your ‘Person’. Person means ‘mask’ in Latin (persona). Just be sure to let everyone know you’re taking it off. You can do this by Claiming the Right to be the authorised representative for it, separating your self (a man) from the legal entity ‘person’, which was created when your ‘birth’ was registered and a ‘certificate’ issued for it. You may be surprised to hear that ‘person’ means ‘a mask’, but it certainly does in the commercial/admiralty/theatrical law environment that NZ legislation operates in (note ‘charges’, ‘acts’, ‘dock’, ‘bar’, ‘bench/banque’, ‘appearance’ etc… indeed even ‘berth’).

You can then use your person, held at arm’s length, to deal with IRD. You can also use the Acceptance for Value process to take bills they (or banks, utilities companies, fines departments) send your person, accept them for the value stipulated as billed (basically swear they have that value – which is nothing – $2000 of nothing, easy!) endorse them and send them back for settlement of the accounting. Look up the terms you will have to write on your bills to send them back to settle the accounting. This process works because there is no real money anymore, you can get nothing of substance for your notes from the Reserve bank, they are only backed by debt undertakings which are created by people’s signatures, so by the same measure you can (carefully) use your signature (actually your ‘autograph’) to discharge the debt they say you owe. You effectively become a private banker operating on behalf of you person, even tell everyone with your Claim of Right, and if they don’t object, you are that.

You can also Accept your birth certificate (a bond certificate) for infinite value (life is infinitely valuable, being of infinity according to those in the know) and file it as a bond with Treasury, opening an account there under your IRD number, to which you can then refer the recipients of all your returned banking bills for set-off of their account with your person. Again, you let everyone know in advance (give Notice) what you are doing, and if they don’t complain, they can’t take you into a Court for adjudication as there is no controversy to be decided upon. You had your ducks lined up already.

There is a lot of info on this on (Also watch The Magnificent Deception). It’s based out of Canada, but similar principles apply to New Zealand Crown Law – Common Law, Magna Carta etc. There is also an NZ chapter in there somewhere. It all addresses what is a global problem created by international banksters.

Search also for a free online book by Mary-Elizabeth: Croft called HOW I CLOBBERED EVERY BUREAUCRATIC CASH-CONFISCATORY AGENCY KNOWN TO MAN. Covers all the basic principles and is pretty funny to boot.

You’d probably get some hassles from officials until your start enforcing your Fee Schedule and getting commercial liens on their property after you’ve reminded them of their Oath to uphold Law and they’ve broken it, and thus lost their official indemnity and so become ‘personally’ – they still wear their masks – liable. Then you can have their house. In theory.

It all works well in Commonwealth countries and ex-colonies of Britain it seems. It’s about knowing how the system works – honour, dishonour, dealing with claims for payment honourably and putting the claimant on the back foot when they don’t respond in a timely fashion to your indisputably sound (once you know the system) method of dealing with the claimed debt. Basically creating a situation where there is no controversy for a judge to adjudicate on, proven by a Notary Public who acts as intermediary with the claimant before they take it to court (many won’t)… a Notary being as high as a judge and who cannot be overruled by one if you have proven your facts before things go to court. If it is passed to court it is normally examined in Chambers and the claimant’s claim thrown out.

So that deals with Claims of Right and using the system to neutralise funny-money sharks. But here in Aotearoa there is the Constitional Law of the country to rely on, which is unique worldwide, and a silver bullet – because the country is founded on Right, and the Full Authority held by the rangatira (hereditary chiefs).

Question 2. Yes. You could go to Waitangi, Te Tii Marae on 27-29 October as at and talk to people who are already issuing orders to the Crown via the Governor-General, and ask them to make orders on your behalf or put you in touch with those in your district who can. Or network on facebook etc with tangata whenua sovereignty groups (they are not technically ‘maori’ – ordinary – they are royalty, literally bloodlines that have Realised themselves. Tohunga bloodlines with innate self-knowledge, not slave stock ;-) If you are prepared to do the research, all the info I’m talking about is out there on the net. (Except the stuff about tohunga, you’ll have to find your own haha.)

Also, I haven’t seen this link yet due to limited bandwidth, but you might click here: … though looking at the name I’d be concerned because the United tribes were of Nu Tireni as per He Whakaputanga, not Aotearoa.

For background, read the translation of the 1835 Declaration of independence here:

Then understand where the “full authority” is held (Crown? Natives?) in terms of English contract law when the native version of the Treaty, signed by around 450 chiefs, retained full authority for them, and the English version, signed by 39 I think, who maybe couldn’t speak English, ceded it. Sovereignty remains with the indigenous people under any measure of contract law, whether under the English law rule of contra proferentem or under tikanga. To claim otherwise is a fraud – by anybody’s measure (except thieves). This is especially so in light of the undisputed Sovereignty resting with the Chiefs after the King of England’s acceptance of the terms of the Whakaputanga.

On this last point start looking here, bearing in mind this is a Crown site and perhaps full of pro-Crown spin and half-truths beneficial to the Crown:

Question 3. I guess you could possibly Claim the Right to be here as a Commonwealth citizen who’s revoking his or her citizenship and becoming an individual sovereign here subject only to God’s laws. I’m not sure. But whatever origins you have, or your immigrant status, you can be customarily adopted by a hapu (become a whangai), and then you become tangata whenua in the eyes of the hapu, with all of the rights and privileges of British subjects but without actually being a Crown subject, as per Te Tiriti. Of course you have to build a worthy relationship with the hapu – and they with you – which can take time. But given this issue of the Food Bill, and Codex, and global financial collapse… well they might fast-track you.

I hope this is all food for thought. The quickest fix is 3. Come under the wing of a kaumatua for your rohe (region). A movement of people doing this needs to happen to protect our food supply. Seed sharing and food trading is a regional, not individual, undertaking. And tino rangatiratanga provides regional, indeed national solutions. It’s all about making just claims that can’t be rebutted, and then using the non-rebuttal as evidence of indisputable right. You don’t need to be a legal genius to work out how to do that. It’s about knowing who you are, what your rights as a human / spiritual / interdimensional ☺ being are, and asserting them, and when nobody complains, because they CAN’T – it’s your truth and the truth of your ancestors / whanau / hapu – then, as they say, Thou Art That. Period. Judges are uncertain about many things, but they know this when they see it. One could almost say it’s what they’re looking for, though they see it all too infrequently.

I hope this is of help.


  1. Hi there

    I’m a journalism student looking for some comment on the opposition to the food bill… could you please get in touch if you would like to answer a few questions?


    • Hi Callum, and thank you for your enquiry. We’re going to respectfully decline to comment. The reason is this: . There are far too many people dropping blue pills out there already, and it seems you might be a pusher 😉 KIA ORA.

      PS I’ll give you this, though: we are not in opposition to the Food Bill. Let it pass! We advise a process of rising above such problems, as problems are never fixed at the level at which they are created (or indeed below it). The parliamentary processes that enable such “opposition” are well below the level at which this problem was created. For more info on this I’ll refer you to Solomon Wise’s comments. Good luck with the journalism, too. If you’re planning on going mainstream, I hope you’ll realise that inviting people to look at what’s in the left hand is immoral when you know they’re about to be hooked with the right…

      • Honki permalink

        sooo well said nzfood….. the MSM are complicit in all issues such as this. Distraction, obfuscation, and downright lies are the product of their writings.

  2. Heather permalink

    Hi, I have just been asked to be spokes woman (not person) for Health Freedom New Zealand. I have a fair amount of knowledge in the issues you discuss, both political, health impact and personal sovereignty. As a Kenyan born who has lived here most of my life I would like to come under the wing of a kaumatua for my rohe. I am currently a holistic life coach doing a degree at AUT North Shore Auckland and live just north of Albany. My aim in study is bringing holistic mental health to NZ, write a book of rights, wellbeing, recovery, spiritual emergence, cultural view points and use all levers possible to keep people out of the clutches of drug pushing bio-medical white coats. Thanks, Heather

  3. Sandy Johns permalink

    It’s interesting stuff what you rite. I’m learning new things about the country I call home. I notice you using americanisms (eg “period” instead of “full stop” like is used by kiwis). Can I ask what country your from?

  4. Where and to whom does the public (can I) write a letter to oppose the upcoming NZ food bill, sorry if this is an obvious questions but it is not clearly and quickly stated anywhere I can see at a glance and I understand if people do not take action now there will be a sorry outcome, especially for people with health concerns. Thanks.

  5. Lera permalink

    Kia ora Heather, I tautoko all of the above. lets talk where can I do this, I await your response.

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