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We predict that the Honorable Kate Wilkinson may do a shifty over her pledge to amend the Food Bill so it doesn’t include seeds for growing under the definition “food”.

Wilkinson promised to Amend the Bill using a Supplementary Order Paper, in a letter to Green MP Sue Kedgley on August 3, 2011 (see note 1).

Wilkinson has not yet made an amendment, according to a search of such papers for “Food Bill” here. In fact, she would not normally do so until the Bill was put to a Second Reading in Parliament. And a second reading of the Bill has been delayed until after the election.

We predict that in the new government Wilkinson will be removed from her Cabinet position of Minister for Food Safety and will use this fact to pass on the responsibility for any Amendment to her successor. Her successor will not table any such amendment, and further will never have promised to do so. So it won’t happen. Then Wilkinson will be off the hook, and the Bill will go through as it is on the matter of seeds.

If Wilkinson did honour her promise, however, it would mean that seed sharing within networks could continue without prohibitive regulation. Networks are essential for seed sharing to succeed in its chief aim – to preserve seed lines so that organic/heritage foods are not lost.

If seed lines are lost they will, in the present agribusiness context, ‘naturally’ be replaced with big-business hybrid or GMO varieties. These are difficult / illegal to save seed from, so you have to keep buying more. It’s a nice business model, and the Food Bill serves it brilliantly. It’s also a serious issue for growers in light of any further ‘accidental’ financial collapses, when they might have no money to buy seed.

So the key question is will the Bill, as Wilkinson has promised, be amended so that it serves us, the people? If not, and if the Bill is passed by Parliament, we will have to think very carefully about whether Parliament itself serves us.

Watch, and witness what happens. See how your local MP votes. Then make up your own mind, and speak it.

Finally, view the Campbell Live clip on the Food Bill here. In this, Wilkinson says that concerns regarding the Bill are part of some “conspiracy theory”. Foremost of these concerns are those about her own admission that the Bill “unintentionally” places restrictions on seed sharing – and her inaction about rectifying this problem to date.

If she doesn’t amend the bill so seeds for growing are not included under the definition “food”, then we will have to ask if there is actually a conspiracy – and whether Wilkinson herself is a part of it. Outrageous as that may seem.

So… wait, watch, and decide for yourself. Something else could happen, too. But the end result may be the same – heritage seed lines could be lost, because this would benefit commerce. And the Cabinet just loves commerce.


(1) Extract from a letter to Sue Kedgley, Green MP, from Kate Wilkinson, August 3, 2011, ref B-11-056.

“the barter or selling of propagation food seeds and food seedlings is in scope [of the Bill] … However the sale or exchange of seeds for propagation, and seedlings (whether this occurs in the context of a garden centre, a market, or between those in a community of interest), is not intended to be captured.

“I have therefore instructed officials involved with the Food Bill to provide advice on how clause 8 (the meaning of food) could be amended to make it clear that seeds for cultivation and food seedlings are not within the definition food [sic] under the Bill.”

The full letter is available here. It is also linked from the bottom of the blog here. (Ignore the blog’s dog-and-pony-show propaganda. The Greens, who voted for the Bill at first reading, know the truth is coming out now and are dissembling for extra election votes).

Green MP Sue Kedgley has bagged NZers for not making submissions to the select committee for the Food Bill, which nobody knew about, but which her party nonetheless voted for. She has also, incidentally, squeezed out of the Minister for Food Safety, Kate Wilkinson, the admission that as per the article below, the Food Bill would indeed place severe restrictions on companies trading seeds for growing (though ‘this was not my intention’ – but of course the minister didn’t write the bill, it was drafted by offshore interests).

See Sue Kedgley’s sanctimonious treatment of NZers who are too tired to be eternally vigilant, and her dodging of the issue that her party voted for the bill, plus Kate Wilkinson’s response (which vaguely promises an amendment so seeds for growing are not controlled), plus Kedgley’s apparent typo in the very first word of her blog, here

Food Bill: threat to seed saving and natural medicines? Guy Ralls (Organic NZ, July/August 2011 Vol.70 No.4 Issue)

The Koanga Institute’s directors say the Food Bill is a “significant threat” to heritage seed saving networks, and that “any bill saying people can’t exchange food and plant material is fascist in intent.”

The Food Bill, which went through a submission process late last year, is likely to have its second reading in Parliament in the next few weeks.

Bob Corker and Kay Baxter spoke out following confirmation by lawyers that the Food Bill will criminalise people who exchange seeds, plant material or home-raised produce – even by giving these away – if they cannot afford or are otherwise not granted a government licence to do so.  MAF says that the Bill covers only food for sale for human consumption, and not seed (unless it were for human consumption); and that the definition of ‘sale’ includes bartering but not giving away.

“New Zealanders are losing their basic right to barter and exchange food and plant material,” says Corker.  “That’s crazy.  How are they expected to put up with that rubbish?”  Baxter also condemns as “laughable” the fact the WWOOFing would be outlawed.  The Bill could also affect the sale or exchange of rongoa – medicinal herbs.

“We now need to seriously look at its position in relation to seed sharing,” says Bob Corker.  “Our practices may need to be protected in a Claim of Right or even Maori Sovereignty.  This Bill is in breach of human rights.” (

What can you do?

Share this information, write a letter to the editor, approach your MP or marae.  See Food Bill at or phone 04 817 9999

  1. Honki permalink

    if these fascists pass this, the only solution for all of us will be to just ignore it and go on as normal. Mass disobedience will destroy the very controls they are trying to put on us. Let them try to monster every good Kiwi in this country. The courts will shut down, and human spirit in conjunction with nature will prevail. It is only when we accept this offensive abrogation of the most basic of our human rights that we lose all effect.
    Kiwis we need to do this together!

    • Yasmin permalink

      I totally agree and support you in that!

    • Ben salt permalink

      I’m all with you on that Honki but I also think more people need to be made aware of this to do so as I’m pretty sure this has been kept pretty underhand.

    • landon permalink

      I agree. This is so stupid this whole bill.

    • Aaron Smythe permalink

      I Totally agree Honki.
      MASS Pieceful non compliance.This Free Land Still runs on common law , ie the common law right to contract so … do not consent to statutory laws that you disagree to.
      An Act through parlament only applies to public servants.(I do’nt believe any evidence exists that I am a public servant).My service is to GOD, not to a corporation.
      By the way, NEW ZEALAND is a Corporation
      A Statute definition (Blacks Law) – a Statute is given the force of law by consent of the governed.

      Time to take our freedom back people!!

    • Raewyn Roberts permalink

      Oppose the new zealand government food bill 160 2
      go to and send urgently to all your networks

    • Casey permalink

      Thank you, someone with a rational brain on their shoulders. I am disgusted, I live in the US right now and was looking forward to moving home in a year. I have been so proud of my country and our freedoms we possess. I can not believe that they are taking away a human right. You have got to be effing kidding me! People are poisoning us daily through food we buy, and they are trying to force us to eat that crap? Take away our options and force is to eat what they want. No way. You are right if they pass this the only way to get rid of it is to ignore it. This is retarded I feel sick that some asshole would try to take away our basic human rights!!!! If I come home and this bill is in place I will protest this till the day I die

      • Kia ora Casey.

        I guess you should try to get home sooner!

        NZ the corporation (that is, Her Majesty the Queen in Right of New Zealand) is merely a registered entity of the US (via Washington Securities and Exchange Commission). And as you’ll know, the US is in deep trouble with its debt – something that we, and many others predicted – just by working through the natural processes of the global fractional reserve banking system. NZ as a registered corp there is arguably an asset of the basically bankrupt US corp, so a collapse there could bring this country down also.

        The signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement further entangles us with this collapsing monolith – literally the death of an empire.

        And finally the Constitution Consultation exercise here this year is, quite transparently when you view it in context, an attempt to void the Treaty of Waitangi and Declaration of Independence contract / trust with the Queen as Trustee – which is the sole obstruction to the country being asset-stripped under the TPPA and US / NZ corp bankruptcy. This because it protects the country from attempts upon its independence (from foreign influences or agents working for foreign interests). The govt does not want to have to protect this country, its people and resources from foreign interests – simply because it works for those interests. (You only need to read the Oath of Office of MPs to suss this – they swear to serve the Queen, and that is, the Her Majesty the Queen in Right of NZ Corp AKA The Crown).

        By the way, It’s not a coincidence that the National Parks have been closed in the US. They may not reopen. They have arguably been ceded or used as Security (as in Exchange Commission) against the US debt to, for example China and may be ‘repossessed’ under the Eminent Domain of China as creditor – and this with the full support of the globalist fasco-communists who run the US via their Weathermen-affiliated shill Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama.

        Sounds a bit much to swallow that, perhaps. But creditors require payment in substance (after lending money of no substance – fiat currency) because it’s a good way to accumulate wealth and because they’re greedy.

        A similar pattern is happening with mining Conservation Land here in NZ, selling off energy companies and DOC-land mining concessions. Capitalising on National Parks that are supposed to be reserves. They’re not. They’re collateral against the unrepayable “National Debt” that John Key has hooked the country up with for the benefit of his banking mates. Which is basically treason.

        The country needs intelligent and motivated people as you seem to be (the vast majority are sound asleep, though some seem to be stirring 😉

        So come home eh?!

        Tena koe NZFS.

  2. stephen permalink

    Remember the Springbok tour of 1981? NZ will kick arse again! That would be any arse trying to tell us what to do!

  3. @Honki the idea of mass disobedience was one that I was just suggesting the other day to a relative of mine with regards to another new parking tax that one of London’s council wants to bring in. Though of course not on the same scale as this article here. Mass disobedience would work, the only problem that I could foresee is the sad fact that the masses are like sheep and feel threatened by the wolves and follow the sheep herder regardless of where they lead them. I myself am no longer in the pack, herd I am like many reading this the black sheep…

  4. PeterNZ permalink

    @Honki, ignorance won’t help us here. We need to fight this. Unfortunately people tend to prefer to do nothing and then call it ignorance and disobedience. You won’t be able to go on as normal because normal has changed! Normal becomes abnormal.

  5. This is terrifying. What on earth is happening in our world? The system has lost sight of sense. We the people need to relearn how to gather and refuse to have this madness continue.

  6. Aaron Smythe permalink

    Forgive me , I ment Peaceful non compliance.
    Am sick at the moment and can’t think straight due to the Chemtrails and spraying they are doing aswell.

  7. Chris W permalink

    I was amazed to read this article and a couple of others like it.
    Maybe you can watch this video. The advancement of owning the global food supply is going on all around the world. North American Nations are attempting to adopt new laws that give them full control over the internet, where they can block any website, any time, from anywhere in the world, like NGO websites. This link shows one success story, mostly farmers give in as they go bankrupt from legal fees… Sounds like you will be facing much worse than this if that Bill passes.
    This link is from Canada,

    Here is a link to the Internet Censorship battle,

  8. If the bill is passed as we read it, and guns are permitted to enforce or threaten compliance, then people will arm themselves for retaliation ,or to protect their rights , I see civil war as the future for our children to survive.The life of the government introducing this bill will make it extinct with the stroke of a pen in the ballot box for ever. GE plants grow just once and are not producers of second off spring .The party will have this same demise.

  9. andy permalink

    This is ridiculous. There should be a petition(if there isnt already any) both out on the streets with those willing to share this with other people and an online petition to get support from all kiwis and non-kiwis around the world.

  10. Gerald Lynch permalink

    And the Greens, our so-called protectors of the environment, signed up to the Food Bill. And the Maori Party, and ACT and perma-freak, Peter Done are party to this disgusting sell out of our rights to grow sell or share our food. Shonky John Key signed an agreement in January 2011 giving the Australian New Zealand Food Safety Authority the right to decide for us what we shall consume in the way of food. One NZ rep v 7 Oz reps, obvious who going to win any battles there. And the Ozzies allow GMO seeds to be grown over there. This is Facism, i.e. corporate control of Govt. The only two parliamentary groups not involved in this sell out are NZ First and Mana, so it’s no wonder the corporate controlled media did all they could to vilify both leaders. But how many NZers even know what is going on here? Very few, mainly the organic groups who don’t want our food supply contaminated, and those running this site. This matter needs the widest possible dissemination, and is certainly the subject matter deserving of a petition. But they ignore petitions don’t they. Have you ever wondered why so many young, even babies are in StarShip with cancers? Something in our food supply or the air we breathe. Any of you wonder what is in the Chemtrails we see in the sky? Nothing good I assure you. The failure of NZers to educate themselves over these matters distresses me. Any here read Investigate or Uncensored magazines? Instead of filling their minds with trashy rubbish like Woman’s Weekly and the like, which are part of the dumbing down corporate media, expanding the knowledge of the truth by reading some alternatives may have enormous benefits educationally for our nation. Will we ever learn? Or are we already too far gone, silly sheeple on a slow walk to the slaughter house? Takes a great leap of faith to believe otherwise.

  11. does anyone know how to get a global petition going? Any decision made here with this food bill will create a precedent to be used in similar debates in other countries.

    • Gerald Lynch permalink

      Brigid, we need a very strong demonstration of our opposition to this NZ Bill, with the aim of preventing it’s passage in Parliament. This will only be fruitful if all of us write to our MP and perhaps organize a Occupy Parliament Grounds and only relent when the Bill is discontinued. It may well result in jail time for those taking part, but only a huge groundswell of opposition will move the treacherous cowards we all unfortunately elected last month. This then may well generate similar opposition elsewhere. Like Global Warming, this is a UN originated disaster, as most of what comes out of that thoroughly and completely corrupt organization is. Nowhere the WHO,WTO FAO and their UN hybrids is more demonstrative of their evil than the continent of Africa. There UN organizations have raped and utterly destroyed any home grown efforts of self help, all the assets sold off to multi-nationals and this is what they, the NWO brigade have in mind for the rest of the world. The world financial crisis was no accident, but a carefully planned event, with the horrific outcomes hardly being realized even yet, but before the next election here in NZ we will come to understand what hellish results lie around the corner. The people we think represent us, don’t, they represent our enemies, the multinational corporate elite, we the people are very expendable, and because we are hopelessly divided and dis-organized, they have absolutely no fear of us. We can not expect the corporate media to be of any help either, therefore only huge and unrelenting visible opposition is going to work. Will take someone with networks and organizational nous which I cannot boast of to launch something like this but without it I feel our concerns will be ignored, to the massive dis-advantage of the 99%.

    • Fred Fox permalink

      @writeouthereBrigid Sinclair —– does anyone know how to get a global petition going?

      Global petitions can be set up at either of these two sites; and


  12. It would be foolish to think the Government could not enforce this Bill. Take account of the powers now in the hands of the police , surveillance, the right to take computers, . How many are going to be the first martyrs? Ask the teachers about the pressure brought on them by the Gov.t over the the standards. Be prepared to lose your job, because that could be the result of civil disobedience. WE HAVE TO STOP IT FROM GOING THROUGH. WE NEED TO START ORGANISING PROTESTS NOW; BEFORE THE BILL PASSES. LAWS ARE VERY HARD TO CHANGE, ESPECIALLY WHEN THE GOVERNMENT IS UNDER PRESSURE NOT TO CHANGE THEM. Get copies of the petition and get people to sign them . The population most affected by this cannot afford the internet,.. We need to get them to sign. We need to tell them what is happening. Do not rely solely on the computer. Get on the cell phone. Talk to everybody you can. Annoy them enough to make them listen. Word of mouth is the old jungle drums. use it. AM DOING MY BIT ? YES. PETITION FOR THE NON-COMPUTER PEOPLE ON ITS WAY. EVEN IF YOU GET JUST ONE PAGE IT WILL ALL ADD UP. CAN WE HAVE A PETITION FORM VIA THE COMPUTER . I AM PREPARED TO MAKE MY OWN , BUT STANDARDISATION IS BETTER.

  13. Sorry people, but why a global petition? How would the NZ government care if someone opposes the NZ food bill and lives in Iceland?
    And an online petition is useless because it is not a legal petition to be presented to government. Same if you just make up your own list and collect signatures. There are rules for petitions which need to be followed in order that the government even considers to look at it.

    Don’t waste your time, people. Organise!



  14. Dave Wilson permalink


    Thanks for the information, I had one question about the process of the birth ceriticate and filing it as a bond with Treasury and opening an account there under your IRD number.


    • You didn’t ask the question Dave, but it sounds like you have an answer 😉

      Yep, make Treasury an offer they can’t refuse via an unrebutted Affidavit, and when they don’t refuse it you have unlimited funds for offsetting all charges (court or financial). IRD number used as the bond-lodged-with-treasury reference number. Check out Winston Shrout. Google video.

      Kia ora.

      • Dave permalink


        I think my brain got in front of my fingers! I have looked at Winston Shrout and learned a lot!

        Thanks for your reply which is starting to make sense, the penny dropped when I started to think about the whole situation as a corporate business, which having been in business makes sense to me, this the only thing that actually seems to matter? So, now the question……how do I phrase the actual Affidavit to the treasury and lodge the bond?

        Kia ora.

      • Check out the negative averment way of phrasing things… “Affiant has not seen any evidence that he cannot lodge this accepted for value birth certificate as a bond of infinite value with treasury it being derived from life to be used to offset any and all commercial liabilities and believes that no such evidence exists.” That kind of thing. Set the arena, give the treasury 10 days to refute it, send a reminder called a Notice of Fault and Opportunity to Cure, and then after another ten days issue a Notice of Default and Permanent Estoppel. Use a notary public to witness each stage and use registered mail, recording in your notices / affidavit the tracking numbers and delivery confirmations. A final Affidavit summarising the facts of the agreement you have reached by the treasury’s acquiescence could be used in court if it ever came to it. You are seeking to get an agreement through their acquiescence by stating what you believe to be true and just and telling them that if they disagree one of their officers should refute your claims in an affidavit of their own sworn upon their full commercial liability (they will never do this) and upon their Oath of Office wherein if applicable they have sworn to uphold the Law. (ditto – they will not refute your Law, because it is Lawful). You are intending to either get them to confirm that all you say is true (to accept your offers) or if they do not wish to respond to get them into a default position by not honouring (as in the “honour/dishonour process”) your honourably made offers. in the end if things ever went to court the judge will look at the paperwork and see which party is in honour and is there is a dispute. You want there to be no dispute, thus no case to be heard publicly, rather the matter if it is even requested to go to court is looked at by a judge in his private chambers. Tell the notary you are using their services for foreign and overseas jurisdictions, which true when we know the crown is a US registered corp with the SEC. They get nervous when it’s used in this “country”. Finally a notary determination is as high as that of a judge, enabling you to make your own law that a judge cannot overrule unless you give them jurisdiction (which is where a claim of right is used to prevent this). Hope this helps – you must do your own research, plenty of keywords in here to search… much on this on the net, most of all you must know in your heart what you are doing and why you are right, or a judge (who is really just trying to find out if you know yourself and are honourable) will see through it. This is what being a sovereign is – knowing your divine rights (not to rule over others, but to rule over your own affairs). Hope this helps. Oh yes and none of the above is legal advice and nor are we practising law (except our own law). KIA ORA.

  15. Dave permalink


    I’m busy doing my research and it’s very interesting to look at the court cases brought against people who have attemped this? As a tester by trade I would like one single person to prove to me it is true and not a popular fraud?

    Can you show me the evidence to support your comments, if so, I’m right behind you!!

    • The Waihopai Ploughshares trio. In reponse to their being found not guilty, the Govt says it is changing the Claim of Right defense as laid out in the Crimes Act 1961. However the concept of a Claim of Right far predates that, and a properly worded one claims that you’re no longer subject to any Acts at all, including the Crimes Act. You’re still subject to Common Law, which the crimes act re-presents, however it is still a Statute or an Act and your claim overrides it. So the govt’s amendment thereof is smoke and mirrors. The kind of spin we accept as read now 😉

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